Crop protection company Nufarm has created a new umbrella brand for its growing portfolio of biological plant protection and enhancement products.

The NuBio portfolio currently contains more than 15 products in Europe, including biological insecticides, fungicides, biostimulants and environmentally friendly spraying programmes, with the biostimulant Go K Up to be added shortly.

Three of these products are currently available in the UK: Botector – an Aureobasidium pullulans biofungicide for the control of Botrytis cinerea in wine grapes, table grapes and strawberries; Boni Protect – also an Aureobasidium pullulans biofungicide to prevent storage rots in apple, pear, quince and medlar; and Dipel DF – based on Bacillus thuringiensis – a biological insecticide with organic classification for use on vegetables, ornamentals and berries.

Although the Australian multinational has been offering biological products for almost two decades, it says bringing the whole range together under the NuBio umbrella brand will make it easier for growers and their agronomists to find the right biological product when they need it.

The latest addition, Go K Up, is a balanced blend of amino acids and potassium oxide (K2O) that supports higher yields in both citrus fruit and olives, particularly for the Spanish market.

Nufarm says it has several other biostimulant, bioinsecticide and biofungicide products under evaluation – the NuBio umbrella is primarily intended to speed up the development of new products and bring them to market.

“We strongly believe in biological solutions to form an integral part to protect crops in Europe and beyond,” says Hildo Brilleman, Nufarm’s regional general manager EuMEA. “Nufarm continues to invest into this sector to support farmers in an ever-changing regulatory and societal environment.”