Agronomy and crop production businesses ProCam is adding two new trials hubs to complement its existing facility at the Stockbridge Technology Centre at Cawood, North Yorkshire. The company says the new sites will extend its commitment to crop production research.

The new research hubs will be located near Bassingbourn in Cambridgeshire and Royston in Dorset. They will share common product testing protocols with the Cawood centre whilst bringing the benefits of wider geographical coverage. “We shall be testing the performance of fungicides as well as alternative products such as biostimulants and crop nutritional supplements,” says ProCam northern region technical manager Nigel Scott. “By operating with a unified approach across all three sites, we can gather more data and increase the depth and breadth of our knowledge.

“Furthermore, we can take account of the differing disease threats and pressures that occur across these three regions of the country. This will provide ProCam agronomists with bespoke information that will allow even more tailored recommendations for growers.”

Procam will continue with its programme of research alongside its product efficacy testing trials at the Stockbridge Technology Centre. This work will include cereal variety trials; studies on the impact of drilling date on varieties, diseases and yield; and work on the performance of different cover crops.

The company is to release a series of videos from its research hubs to provide important knowledge transfer when there are likely to be very few open days and continuing restrictions.