Wyke Farms, the Somerset-based independent cheese producer, has begun the groundwork to rebuild its Bruton-based dairy in the county. The project will double the company’s cheese production capacity.

Wyke Farms , the Somerset-based independent cheese producer

The investment in a 16,589m² state-of-the-art production facility will build a sustainable long-term future for the business with sufficient infrastructure to service increased sales of Wyke Farms Cheddar in the UK and export markets. The development is energy and water efficient, and sympathetic to the surrounding environment with soft landscaping and a natural grass roof. It should be finished in Q2 2023.

The company’s export sales to the EU and the rest of the world grew by almost 20% in 2020, and it has built on its maturing Cheddar stocks in recent years in order to service the global market for older, longer-aged cheeses.

The company opened a new cheese store in September 2020 with approximately 2,000 tonnes of additional storage capacity to meet the demands of growing export sales in vintage flavour profiles.