Agricultural pest control company Lodi UK is to host its first-ever webinar to advise growers, agronomists, storekeepers and pest controllers on the latest best practice for effective grain store pest protection.

“The ‘Grain Store Pest Protection’ webinar is worth two BASIS CPD points, two PROMPT points and one BPCA point and is aimed at agronomists, arable farmers and pest controllers who want to protect their grain stores or animal feed bins from pests such as grain weevils and rodents,” says Sam D’Angelo, marketing manager at Lodi UK.

“Ken Black from Bayer will focus on grain storage hygiene and the importance of early store preparation pre harvest. In addition, Mark Ward from Command Pest Control will be presenting on the practical elements of pest control best practice.

Anyone who signs up for the webinar can request a 16-page guide with all the information included in the webinar in an easy-to-read format with plenty of additional topics, such as fly and rodent control, covered. There will also be a live Q&A panel at the end.

Registration for the webinar, scheduled for 10am on Wednesday 21st April, is via