Three European cattle breeding companies – all farmer-owned – have agreed to merge their interests into a single business, subject to regulatory approvals.

Evolution, Masterrind and Vikinggenetics, respectively owned by Faba, Växa and VikingDanmark, are intending to create Arcowin, the largest cattle breeding co-operative in Europe with more than 53,000 farmer members.

Arcowin was originally launched late last year as a vehicle to pool the three separate dairy and beef breeding programmes with some joint R&D work. But a subsequent investigation and analysis of the further synergies of collaboration has persuaded directors of the three companies to merge their R&D, breeding, production and international sales and marketing activities.

The merger is expected to come into effect from January 1st 2022. The new company will have a strong base in Europe, plus a global distribution reach with affiliates in 10 countries and distributors in 65 country markets.

“As Arcowin gives a full exchange of genetic information across all breeds and countries, we are able to identify the best animals in Europe by taking advantage of the huge variation in our breeds and thereby maximizing the genetic gain in all the breeding programs,” says Arcowin chief executive says Dr Josef Pott. “This opens great potential for farmers to get access to superior genetics and benefit from a trend-setting development in Europe.

“By combining our global marketing and sales activities, we will extend our global footprint through a broader and more segmented offer, but also by being able to focus more on individual markets to the benefit of dairy and beef producers globally.”

“We have realized that the three companies will gain further synergies and have the same foundation being a co-operative, owned by farmers and working for farmers,” adds Arcowin chairman Vincent Rétif. “Being united, we will stand together with 53,000 dairy and beef farmers relying on us to secure them the best genetic progress for the success of their farms.”