Cambridgeshire-based agricultural technology business AlphaBio Control is one of three agricultural businesses to have won Queen’s Awards this year.
AlphaBio Control has won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category for its bio-insecticide FLiPPER. It is believed to be the first time a pesticide has been recognised this way.

The product is derived from olives, so is completely natural and forms part of the circular economy. The insecticide is said to have a very low impact on bees and other beneficial insects and is completely residue-free in the fruit and vegetable crops it is used to protect.

While mainly sold for conventional farming use, the product also has organic farming accreditation. The bio-insecticide provides effective control of sucking insect pests such as aphids, whitefly, thrips, mites, psylla, leafhoppers and scale that can also be a vector for the spread of viral diseases. FLiPPER is now in its second year in the market, and has regulatory approval for all European countries, Israel and Ethiopia.

AlphaBio is an Anglo-Italian company with a staff of fourteen across offices in Suffolk and Cambridge in the UK, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium. As well as FLiPPER, the company has bio-herbicide and bio-fungicide product going through the regulatory process.

“We believe there is a better, more sustainable way to feed ourselves, affordably and are determined to play a leading role in this vital change of direction with a pipeline of products coming from our rigorous in-house research and development programmes,” says Iain Fleming, co-founder and chief executive of AlphaBio Control. “This award is a recognition of that approach.”

Two industry businesses have received the Queens Award for Sustainable Development. They are Acorn Dairy, based in Darlington, for “using organic farming and green energy to provide sustainable food for future generations. At the same time, Northamptonshire farm-based Farrington Oils receives the award for its cold pressed rapeseed oil – the “world’s first to be certified as both carbon and plastic neutral”.