Crop protection company FMC has launched Diniro, a new herbicide that includes nicosulfuron, prosulfuron and dicamba, to control a broad spectrum of weeds in maize crops.

Gareth Jones technical leader at FMC, suggests Diniro will allow maize growers to actively target troublesome weeds with one product, cutting out the need for tank mixing.

“The combination of actives contained in Diniro are proven to knock down a broad spectrum of weeds in one application,” says Mr Jones. “Previously, growers have been unable to mix these actives together in a tank mix. This new post-emergence herbicide is a game changer, as it will help growers achieve effective control using the sought-after chemistry, all within one product. The list of weeds Diniro is proven to have activity against includes both broad leaf and grass weeds including rye grass, cleavers, groundsel and chickweed.”

Mr Jones recommends applications of this post-emergence herbicide should be made after GS12, at the two-leaf stage, around the beginning of June for best practice. “Reading the label is key when using any herbicide so always check the product recommendations first,” he advises. “With this formulation and combination of actives, Diniro has the potential to be a one hit wonder for post emergence weed control in maize, combatting many of the issues growers face when tackling weeds in the crop.