The Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) has launched a free online interactive learning course for grain traders, designed to help AIC member businesses develop staff and provide a high-quality grain trading service to farmers.

Once they have completed the iLearning course successfully, grain traders will be able to demonstrate that they have an industry-standard level of knowledge. The iLearning course focuses on contract terms and a necessary knowledge of grain procurement and the market.

Successful candidates must correctly answer a minimum of 25 out of 35 multiple choice questions covering five sections: Contract Terms, Contract Terms 2, Grain Procurement, Market and Industry Structure, and UK Crop Production. Candidates can attempt the iLearning course twice and will receive an emailed certificate once they have completed it successfully.

Catherine Barrett, AIC’s sector head for arable marketing and seed, says: “The questions were developed by members of the Arable Marketing Committee. By taking and passing the iLearning, grain traders will improve their overall knowledge and understanding when they are talking to farmers.

“We hope to encourage a high level of engagement with the course. To encourage learning, it is an ‘open book’ format instead of a timed test, with candidates encouraged to take their time and research and discuss any areas they are not familiar with,” she concludes.

Candidates can enrol by sending their full name and email address to AIC’s course provider, Kiwa, will then arrange to send an access link to the candidate.