The Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD) has confirmed that Adama’s carbetamide-based grass weed herbicide Crawler will not be available for use after November 2022. This is despite the three-year active substance extension issued by the CRD for carbetamide.

Adama says this decision will be a blow for oilseed rape growers, as the product has been a popular herbicide for the control of black-grass and other grass and broad-leaved weeds in oilseed rape for a number of years. Recent advice from the CRD is that the current revocation will not be extended beyond 30th November 2021, and growers will subsequently be unable to use the product beyond 30th November 2022.

Stephen Beal, Adama’s product manager for herbicides and PGRs, says: “Unfortunately, due to the timing of the original revocation decision, we have recently been informed that the CRD’s product authorisation extension will not be made available for Crawler.

“Despite this setback, Adama UK continues to invest to expand its portfolio of OSR herbicides and to support growers through the continued supply of an excellent range of products.”

For more information, contact Mr Beal on 07852 430120 or email