Bovine genetics company Cogent has launched Primestart Colostrum, a water soluble, fortified colostrum product that aims to ensure newborn calves have a natural, high-quality colostrum feed at birth. Cogent says it developed Primestart Colostrum as part of its continual commitment to improving dairy and beef genetics in the UK.

Primestart Colostrum is fully approved by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate and is guaranteed to be free from bovine TB, EBL, IBR and Johne’s pathogens.

“A huge amount of effort and expense goes into getting a calf on the ground, and that calf should offer the best genetics that herd has to offer, so it stands to reason we want to ensure it thrives,” explains Stuart Boothman, Cogent managing director. “Those first hours are critical and the health, growth and performance of that animal from that point onwards is greatly influenced by the quality and timing of its first colostrum feed.”

Primestart Colostrum is manufactured in the UK. It is available in boxes of 12 x700g sachets or pallets of 40 boxes. Each sachet is mixed with 2 litres of warm water and fed within the first 6 hours of a calf’s life.

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