Control Union has upgraded its regenagri digital agriculture hub, which now can measure carbon and monetise good environmental practice. The regenagri hub was launched last year by the global consultancy and compliance organisation Peterson Control Union Group.

The regenagri 2.0 hub integrates the Cool Farm Alliance’s Cool Farm Tool into the digital system, enabling users to access verifications of their CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions. The verifications, under ISO 14064-5 accreditation, allow users to generate carbon credits which can either be sold on the green finance market or used in offsetting projects along the supply chain.

The upgrade is part of a wider collaboration between regenagri and the Cool Farm Alliance which aims to help farm businesses and their supply chains with a complete measurement system for regenerative projects. The hub offers a consistent methodology for measuring and verifying carbon, while simplifying data entry and management.

“By including the capacity to calculate on farm carbon emissions and sequestration, plus verification of any carbon savings, the updated digital hub provides a pathway for farms to be awarded carbon credits,” says Harry Farnsworth, sustainable agriculture projects lead at regenagri. “These credits can be sold on the green finance market or to supply chain businesses looking to offset emissions to reach net zero targets.

“And crucially, the new platform is also open to corporate members. This provides a means for supply chain corporates to view the data from farms in their supply chain, without any extra effort on the part of the farm business.”