The global smart farming joint venture between BASF Digital Farming and Bosch has been approved by the competition and merger control authorities. The new business, equally owned by both partners, will be called Bosch BASF Smart Farming (BBSF).

This formalises a project that started in late 2019 with the aim of developing and marketing smart farming technologies from a single source.

BBSF will have its headquarters in Cologne, Germany, and be jointly managed by experienced managing directors Silvia Cifre Wibrow from BASF and Florian Gwosdz of Bosch.
The JV’s Intelligent Planting Solution product is already available in Brazil and Argentina and will use the digital agronomic intelligence of BASF’s xarvio crop optimisation platform to allow variable seeding in Brazil. The partners are also developing a Smart Spraying Solution, with precise weed identification and management, that should be on the market in Europe and the Americas by the end of the year.

“We have reached another important milestone in receiving merger control approval and have made considerable progress in the past few months,” says Mr Gwosdz. “We have established the new company together, built the new team and continued to test our products successfully under different climatic conditions with various manufacturers. Our Smart Spraying Solution continues to return consistent, positive test results, which clearly shows the combination of our hardware, software and advanced agronomic logic delivers.”

Ms Cifre Wibrow adds: “With Smart Spraying, we are bringing a new digital solution to market and new approach to weed management – a volume-optimization model that increases farm profitability through a more precise and efficient use of herbicide. The unique ability for Smart Spraying to see, decide and spray based on agronomic intelligence is not just financially good for farmers, but it’s good for the environment, sustainability and biodiversity.”