Harper deputy VC for Trinity board

24th August 2021 | Digital Agriculture, People

Digital agriculture platform Trinity AgTech has appointed Professor Michael Lee, deputy vice chancellor of Harper Adams University, to its scientific board. Professor Lee is an expert in sustainable livestock systems.

Trinity is an inaugural partner of the recently launched Harper Adams School of Sustainable Food and Farming. The School aims to help the industry transition from a focus on yield towards farming in a more environmentally sensitive way – a move from chemical to biological agriculture.

“One major pillar that the School of Sustainable Food and Farming will focus on is policy and data – that’s where Trinity AgTech comes in,” says Prof Lee. “We need to have the best tools to inform farmers of the decisions that they need to make. What Trinity AgTech has developed with Sandy is a really exciting tool that we’ll be using to help our students innovate for a sustainable future.”

Professor Simon Potts, chair of the Trinity scientific board, adds: “We’re delighted that Professor Lee, one of the world’s foremost scientists focused on sustainable livestock systems, is joining the board. His expertise complements the combined knowledge of our 30 board members. His research and scientific interests in livestock’s role in human and planetary health will help advance the continued development of Trinity AgTech’s suite of software.”