Bayer trials whole supply chain digital platform

10th January 2022 | Company News, Crops, Digital Agriculture

Bayer is trialling Project Carbonview, a digital carbon footprint measurement system for agriculture, with US corn farmers ahead of a wider crop and geographical rollout.

The digital project was developed in collaboration with US agricultural software house Bushel – which recently acquired the GrainBridge grain trading platform from ADM and Cargill – and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Bayer says Project Carbonview will initially allow US corn growers supplying the bioethanol market to report, analyse and better assess their end-to-end supply chain carbon footprint, ultimately enabling US farmers to participate in the value derived from emerging low-carbon fuel markets.

Carbonview will link data collected on farm through Bayer’s Climate FieldView digital agriculture package with delivery and transportation data captured from the 54,000 US active users of Bushel’s digital platform. It can then access on-demand product transaction and crop exchange market data from the ethanol production facilities through the Bushel platform – subject to growers allowing the data sharing – to evaluate the carbon impact of sourcing and purchasing decisions.

Bayer envisages growers in the pilot scheme being paid to participate, in order to create awareness and acceptance for low-carbon fuel markets. Once carbon markets are established, it believes remuneration will come through reward for sustainable farming practices that keep carbon in the soil and out of the atmosphere, plus incentives through low-carbon fuel markets.

The Project Carbonview team will pilot the initiative with US corn producers during the 2022 season but plans to expand availability to other feed grain crops, food grains and oilseeds: and to more global regions in future.

“While FieldView helps farmers make more informed decisions on their own operations, Project Carbonview will make it possible for them to drive sustainability improvements across the entire value chain,” says Leo Bastos, global commercial ecosystems lead for Bayer Crop Science. “The integration of our leading digital and data science under Project Carbonview will give farmers greater choice and resources to be compensated for more productive and sustainable decisions on-farm.”

Elizabeth Fastiggi, head of worldwide business development for agriculture at AWS adds: “Project Carbonview gives grain buyers and producers visibility into the carbon impact of production so they can evaluate the impact of different agronomic practices, make sustainability improvements and help their customers make better purchasing decisions. We supported Bayer by working backwards from their vision, to ensure Project Carbonview has the potential to be successfully adopted at scale within the current business operations of producers.”