Precision specialists for Agrovista

20th October 2023 | Agronomy Services, Crop Protection, People

Agronomy services business Agrovista has appointed two new precision farming specialists to help it meet increasing demand from customers across the country.

Scot Mitchell

Scot Mitchell and Victoria Kennerley-Bevan will cover Scotland and western England respectively. In their new posts, they will help farmers make informed precision-farming decisions based on clear data and backed up by expert agronomist knowledge.

Victoria Kennerley-Bevan

“We have seen a sharp increase in the number of farmers wanting to use our services and we expect this will increase further,” says Agrovista Precision manager Graeme Barrett. “Many farmers are seeking to improve their soil knowledge and management, and there are also opportunities to secure new funding streams as various soil initiatives are introduced within the farming support schemes being rolled out across the UK.

The company has also recently employed two full-time soil samplers, Paul Blackwood in the Borders and Matt Dobson in Yorkshire. Joel Ouellette has joined Agrovista Precision as a GIS data analyst. “Following these appointments, we are confident we can cover our significant growth forecasts for the business over the next two to three years,” says Mr Barrett.