EU votes to ban outdoor neonic use by end 2018

The EU is supporting a total ban on the three neonicotinoid active ingredients already under restrictions for use on flowering crops. The move follows a scientific review that concluded that the outdoor use of these insecticides harms bees. Manufacturers and trade bodies have criticised the decision, and the fact it was reached before a legal hearing on the validity of the existing restrictions.

New code of conduct for agri data sharing

With precision agriculture and digital platforms exponentially increasing the amount of data generated by agricultural operations from planting seeds to feeding animals, a new voluntary code of practice aims to regularise access to and use of this data.  The code, which is endorsed by the European Commission, aims to “set transparent principles, clarify responsibilities and create trust among partners”.

EU cereals and oilseeds area falls for 2018

Initial estimates of EU plantings for harvest 2018 predict falls in the cereals, oilseeds and protein crop areas. The EU farm and co-operative body Copa and Cogeca expects the EU-28 cereal area to be 54.9 million hectares, a 1.4% drop on the 2017 area, pointing to a...

“EU farmers should not have to pay for Brexit”

CAP spending must be maintained for EU member states despite the loss of the UK contribution after Brexit, argues the EU farm and co-operative trade association Copa Cogeca. It is calling on EU ministers to resist making any cut to EU-27 CAP farm support as the...